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Elaine Park Was On Camera and Vanished - Was Foul Play Involved? | True Crime Stories - YouTube

This is an AMAZING video, just a few discrepancies, but sheds so much light on how the police disregarded Divine so quickly and took a while to even search his place where Elaine was last seen and evidence there could be gone.

And the cameras… did they confirm they actually were time stamped an hour off? Even if so why did it take her so long to get thru the gate. And the cameras only read the plate even this video says Divine could have been driving her car. WHY was the Compere’s private CCTV cut off at 6:05am on supposedly her last exit on Saturday, January 28, 2017?

Please click below to view.

Below are the few discrepancies with timestamp as you view (it’s approximate 11 minutes long).

0:24: If Elaine took her life, why would she have shared her location with Divine Compere on 1/28/2017 @ 6:28am? And, how did she change her iPhone password code to 2063, Divine’s home street address number?

0:43: Elaine was 20 at the time of her disappearance.

2:14: Elaine did not text Susan that she is getting into an Uber to a movie.

2:44: Divine said she was shaking, singing and dancing, it looked like a panic attack just like he experienced previous times. He added that she dressed so fast and never seen a woman dress that fast and just left. At first he said at 4:00 am then months later, he changed his statement that she left at 6am.

3:42: This may explain the unaccounted 9 minutes missing (attached email exchanges).

4:48: The distance and time from Divine’s house (2063 Delphine, Calabasas) to location of her car found (26048 PCH, Malibu) was 10 miles and 20 minutes time. Not 45 minutes as mentioned on this video.

5:03: Also left behind is a $37 cash and her makeup, clothes and shoes.

7:02: This panic attack is not proven as facts. It is solely from Divine Compere’s statement.

7:58: Elaine’s last activity on her phone data ping was at 3700 1/2 Corral Canyon Road, Malibu, CA on 1/28/2017 @ 3:42pm. Her car may easily been at 3700 1/2 not PCH. On 2/2/2017, when the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Dept. Dispatcher went out to the pinged location (3700 1/2), her car was not there. So, he drove around up and down still didn’t see her car. So, he went down to Pacific Coast Highway and that’s when he spotted her car. Someone could of driven down to Pacific Coast Highway after the fact.

To those who knows what happened to her and/or has any information leading to finding Elaine, it’s going on six (6) years now since she’s been missing… please.. help her come home!

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