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Happy 27th Birthday, Elaine!

Updated: Oct 9

From mother to daughter ~

Another year passed not knowing what happened to you, Elaine! Today, you will be 27 years old and wondering how you look like today. It’s been seven (7) years since last seen you, and the Hardest part of all, is NOT knowing what happened to you and NOT knowing where you are!!

Wherever you are, letting you know that we miss you very much! We love you and wishing you a happy 27th birthday, Elaine! We continue to search for you every day and will not give up!

Going through your loose papers for any clues, found your “Life Bucket List” that is 74 things on the wish to do list. Reading through, there is NO way you ended your own life. You just have too much passion and enthusiastic to live your life the fullest. Please do whatever you can to find your way home!

No words can express how much I love you eternally! I miss YOU!


Whoever is responsible and knows what happened to you, must have a cold heart, no moral value, does not care about life and does not care a bit on the devastation caused to the family, friends and the people who care about their loved ones. It’s not too late.. please.. come forward or just let us know where she is! All we want is Elaine and bring her home!

A Reward of $25,000 are still intact. No stipulations, no attorney, no complications, can be collected in cash anonymously. No questions asked.

Please contact Glendale Police Dept. (17-1512) at (818) 548-4911

Or or prontonmail on the poster.

Or Anonymous Tip-line: (818) 473-0611

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