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Cold Case Detective Story Uploaded to YouTube on March 24, 2022

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

This coverage is done very well and covered all aspects of theories. We are posting to those who are dedicated in following her disappearance in hoping to get closer to the Truth and get justice for Elaine Park!!

Cold Case Detective on March 24, 2022, 46 minutes long. Please click below to view.

~ Below are the corrections made accordance to each timestamp ~

2:06 - She was not the first child. Her brother was, he was older than Elaine.

3:19 - It was not with CV High School she signed up for dancing. It was through a Dance House - a professional dance competition company.

6:39 - Performer Father messages Elaine for the night before the “R” incident through the artist’s touring manager- Michael. He posted on social media if anyone has ‘it’ and Elaine responded.

6:50 - There’s an audio statement and a iMessage chat from one of her friend that Elaine had connected with Playboi Cardi at the backstage (attached).

11:27 - Regarding the $20 money sent to Elaine, it is not about the $20 but to control and discipline her spending habits. More importantly, Susan and Elaine have a bad relationship and do not communicate well with each other. So, this is a way of Susan be in contact with her and to keep track of where she is. Elaine has so many traffic tickets, personal loans, shopping, and spending a lot of money partying, etc. (attached are some example and one person’s comment said it close to Susan’s reasoning).

13:02 - Divine specifically said, she got up at 4am and was ‘Singing, Dancing and Shaking.. like a panic attack just like he had”. Now he is changing his story to that she got up at 6am. He also said she did speak, like said she left her car key and came back to get it on 1/28/2017th.. where is that CCTV?

13:50 - On top of Find My Friend app being turned on at 6:28am, Elaine’s iPhone lock code was also changed to Divine’s street address of 2063. Most of her close friends did not know where Divine lives nor did her mother, Susan. So, who, why and how was it changed to 2063?

14:17 - Susan did not call 3 + times for demanding money.. it was her way of communicating she is ok and safe. They don’t have a good relationship and do not talk, so, this was an excuse/reason to keep in contact with Elaine.

14:46 - The deletion of the texts was done by ‘accidentally’! She was up all night thinking about her, exhausted but needed to keep up all tips and messages. She had her phone right next to her nightstand, didn’t want to miss anything. While half asleep, a few of her text strings got deleted by accident on a few different people’s texts including Elaine’s.

15:30 - The sheriff’s station did not ask if she had ran away before, they asked if she had gone away previously without letting Susan know. Then asked if anything is missing from her closet/room. Susan then replied her blue duffle bag, makeup, clothes and shoes were missing.

15:45 - Susan did not say to Sadie that Elaine may have gone to Divine’s. Susan did not even know enough about Divine nor where he lives.

16:37 - One thing that struck Susan on that visit to Divine Compere’s on 2/2/2017 is that, out of the blue, his mother said if we (Susan & her boyfriend) checked Cold Canyon Road which the road takes down directly to the 76 Gas Station near where her car was found.

16:53 - Her car was not found on 26000, the ping was first at 3700 1/2 Corral Canyon Road, Malibu. The Lost Hills Sheriff’s Dispatcher went out to 3700 1/2, did not find her car, went back and forth on Corral Canyon, still did not see her car so he decided to go down to the Pacific Coast Highway and that’s when he spotted her car at 26048 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA.

17:18 - It was not $30 they found, the Glendale Police Dept. Detective Krivak handed over to Susan, Elaine’s driver’s license and $37 cash.

18:00 - The auto accident of $5,000, it was not to go to Elaine’s estate account. And, out of the $5,000, the 1/3 goes to the attorney, the 1/3 goes to the doctor and the other 1/3 goes to the Client = $1,600. Which was used to try to get Divine’s phone record through the Private Investigator using Texas third party attorney.

18:05 - It was not a cadaver dog, it was a narcotics dog hired by the Private Investigator and the Malibu Team.

22:07 - Why why was her last exit got cut off at 6:05am? The CCTV was provided by the Compere’s I.T. guy. Susan asked Divine’s mother to see the footage together while viewing and if uncomfortable, if they can FaceTime. The mother kept saying, yes, yes, yes but, didn’t. Later, the mother said she gave the edited version directly to Det. Krivak - Glendale Police Dept. and to get a copy from them. Note. There’s a green font letter that states Camera #4 (attached). They obviously had a multiple cameras but, why only provide with one, Camera #4?

22:09 - We do not know or see if it was Elaine that got into her car. It gets cut off.

23:54 - Divine and his circles of friends including Kenny Chosen are a diehard fan of Playboi Cardi. Also, there's been a talk about Divine himself was at the Father & Playboi concert where 'R' took place mentioned by the Malibu Team.

24:44 - A witness said there was a “HUGE” fight prior to Elaine going to see Divine on the 1/27th and Divine never told anyone about this even to the Glendale Police Dept.

25:37 - Divine was not heavily investigated. He got cleared way too soon because he was very cooperative then they retained an Attorney.

29:11 - Lolo was known to be a ‘Stalker’ based on most of her friends and Elaine’s phone records. His name is Juan Padilla. Since Elaine’s disappearance, attached are his posts in his social media.

32:10 - Susan and Elaine never had a physical confrontations. Maybe throw things here and there but never a bodily contact.

34:08 - Susan never changed her alibi. Never crossed her mind about alibi. She always said that she was worried because of her last car breakdown and most importantly, didn’t feel right to staying at her boyfriend’s house. Susan wanted Elaine to feel that Elaine is more important than boyfriend.

34:13 - Susan did not get rid of Elaine’s stuff. Only thing was her bookshelf, dresser and desk because the person who wanted to rent Elaine & my son’s room, did not need them. Also, it was bought from a garage sale. All her important, irreplaceable and sentimental items are kept safe (her full bed set, 2 pillow cases, hairs picked up from her mattress, her last used hair brush, her last toothbrush, her baby tooths, clothes and shoes, dance competition videos, costumes, photos, educational files, etc). Additionally, Susan had asked her P.I. - Jayden if it’s ok to clean out her room and Jayden said he will ask the Malibu team first.

34:18 - As to washing Elaine’s clothes, Elaine would not let Susan into her room whatsoever. Always closes the door. Knowing how messy her room gets, this was Susan's chance to go into her room and clean before she comes home not thinking she would be missing. Again, the P.I. and the Malibu team had already went through her closet and stuff in her room

This conclusion of her story is very very sad. Not knowing is the worst part and hope she is still alive out there and waiting to come home. Thank you for all the support and interest. Please Help Find Elaine Park!

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