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6th Year of Disappearance

Updated: Oct 14

Today, Saturday, January 28, 2023.. is the 6th year that Elaine went missing on Saturday, January 28, 2017! For many, it’s six years of life with families growing together each year. But for family and friends who loves and misses Elaine, time stopped six years ago. Every single day, we search and hope to receive leads to find her and continuing! We hope this year 2023, we will find her!

A message to Elaine from Susan, Elaine’s mother:

Dearest Elaine,

It’s been six years since you last called me for help on that bridge when you ran out of gas (G-Coordinates Ping to Susan). I still vividly remember like it was yesterday. As I see your iMessage to me, every word is so precious and can hear your voice saying it. Every word I read, my heart bleeds with tears. I kept that last top you wore, you were shivering because it was cold. I very much so wished you could have called me for help on the morning of Saturday, 1/28/2017!!

I dreamt about you last night. You were with me in this hill with most of your friends enjoying the time of your life. You were adventurous, daring, courageous, showed leadership, sassy, lots of laughter and giggles, very cute, full of life… I felt warmth that I got to spend some time with you in my dream… I miss you very much!! Please come home!

Although I did not show affections, I do and will always love you!!

LOVE you forever, Mom…

Someone out there knows what happened to Elaine and/or where she is! There are thousands of people involved and care about Elaine! Please do the right thing and tell us where she is! Please contact us! All we want is Elaine!

We have an updated flyer and the $25,000 are still intact. No stipulations, no attorney, no complications, can be collected in cash anonymously. No questions asked.

Please contact Glendale Police Dept. (17-1512) at (818) 548-4911


Or Anonymous Tip-line: (818) 473-0611

NOTE ** To be accepted on below private group, there are 3 RULES that needs to be read and "AGREE”. . Thank you for all continued support.

MSN News on Elaine's 6th Year Article

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